over 35 years of collective experience in environmental public safety
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About Us

A.S.F.T.P.-A School For The People, a company started back in 2001 with a focus on diseminating, training, educating the public on food safety awareness, and the pivotal role that food safety plays in everyones health. A.S.F.T.P. also provides other unique services related to the food industry besides training and certification.

The People

Antonio Barajas-Instructor and Proctor. 4 Year Degree Equivalency Recognition from Assessment Institute -"National Assessment Institute" now: PROMETRIC-Food Managment Science-Business Admin/Humanities.
 He has taught Food Safety for over a decade. Antonio is College educated, has a passion for all things Science, and Health. A great consultant, who can help you from getting trained, and certified as a State approved food manager, to providing private health inspection audits. He can assist you with an oubreak prevention program; creating a HACCP plan  and how to implement it effectively. He has also traveled nationwide to teach and proctor for large food corporations and food companies.

Fernando Flores-REHS, MS. Fernando has had the pleasure of being a Food and Milk Inspector for Los Angeles County for a decade. He has taught OSHA  at the College level. He is knowledgeable in all things Environmental Health, from food safety to housing safety, to Hazmat.

Mario Tresierras-REHS, MS. Mario like Fernando, has had the pleasure of serving his community, proctecting the public from food borne outbreaks. He also had the pleasure to serve as a Food and Milk inspector for the Los Angeles County Environmental Health Department. Mario also is an expert at all things concerning Environmental Health, from housing environmental hazards to foodborne hazards.

As to our other team members and instructors, all are well educated and passionate about their role in preserving the publics health.

A large percentage of our team members are bilingual, fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

How Long has ASFTP been around for?
Well, officially, since 2001. Antonio, Fernando and Mario, have been practicing professionals in the food safety, environmental health field before years prior to 2001. The company was formalized in 2001. Antonio Barajas has been teaching and certifying since 1998.

Where are we located?.

  Our location, relative to service, as our programs, such as online, or homestudy, can be taken anywhere in the United States, as long as you have a computer and Internet Connection.

  If in need of a live class, we are limited to where you can attend our courses, these States would be:

if its homestudy, we can assist Nationwide. Please click here to see what your State, County, City requirements are regarding a homestudy program for your food manager training and certification.
Our Mailing Address:
2416 W. Victory Blvd. #215
Burbank, Ca 91506

  We Do not conduct live classes, nor consult with clients at this location.

Our offices for client meetings and consultations are by appointment only are:

The Good Sheperd Center
1671 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026.
We can meet you here only
 on an appointment basis.

Creative Suites-Vision Pulse Center
5945 Pacific Center Dr. suite 510
San Diego, CA 91505
open Monday - Friday 11am - 4pm
Walk in front desk assistance during aforementioned hours is available.
By appointment only.

call us or email us at any time: 1-888-851-3663 (food) or

We travel to the customer, and train in different locations that are leased for training purposes. Please see SERVICES page for more information on how you can search and find your closest live class, or test site center.
If you feel you have a location you'd like to offer, for live classes, we can definitely come to an arrangement.

thank you




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